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Friday, 24 October 2014
Welcome to Content Interface Corporation

Content Interface Corporation (CIC) designs and implements interactive digital multimedia systems. These systems propel infotainment kiosks, mobile e-catalogs, television broadcasts, educational exhibits and more. CIC is a team of dedicated multimedia design and technology innovators whose mission is to re-invent multimedia technologies as everyday information access tools. The CIC team is taking high quality, rich digital media beyond entertainment and into knowledge retrieval.

The CIC headquarter in Toronto provides superior consulting services for digital imaging and multimedia solutions. Working closely with a network of partners and resellers in North America, Europe and Asia, CIC provides custom solutions to companies worldwide. Coupled with CIC's Technical Support Centre in Asia, the company can offer outstanding customer service around the world around the clock.

CIC's unique 3D media technology allows a designer to integrate virtually any type of digital content imaginable into an immersive experience that will captivate, intrigue, and inform.  Whether you design museum exhibits, market automobiles or fine jewelry, or publish electronic books or magazines, CIC's technology can enhance your message and make it more accessible. The modular structure of the CIC software architecture allows the company to reconfigure capabilities for particular needs. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements and vision.

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"Software Stitches 5K Videos Into Huge Panoramic Video Walls, In Real Time" by Dave Haynes on

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